Internal IT Staff or Managed Services? It isn’t an either/or decision. With Co-MITs, we’re not a vendor. We’re a partner. Whether it’s a specific skill set (like Security), or a higher skill level, we’ve got a solution that can be tailored to your needs.

Co-Managed IT Services: Our Monitoring Includes: Results:
We Share:

  • Our Monitoring Tools
  • Our Ticketing System
  • Our IT Documentation System
  • Flexible agreements to focus on your needs
  • Our goal? Make your IT support look great!
  • No long-term Commitment


  • Network/Infrastructure
  • Cloud Resources/Office 365
  • Security
  • Backups
  • Mobile Devices
  • Dark Web








You can count on it… and us!

Not only are these items monitored, they’re documented. Hardware inventories. Software inventories. Licensing. Procedures. Backups tested. And more!

And best of all, we can customize the agreement to the needs of your organization.




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You’re The IT person, You Do It All!
Why Do You Need a Partner Like Trailhead Networks?

  1. Google is your friend, but we’re a better friend - Google is great, but sometimes it helps to talk to a tech that already knows their stuff. We don’t charge you immediately for every little thing, so give us a call and we’ll brainstorm.
  2. You might want to take a vacation - There’s a thought, right? When you partner with us, we’ll be a great backup to your role. So you can take time off, or work on special projects, knowing the rest of the job is taken care of.
  3. You can’t be an expert at everything – You can handle everything your company throws at you, except for that “one” thing. And that’s ok! Cloud, security, disaster recovery, whatever you need, we’ve got your back.
  4. IT is not a priority at your company – We’ve all been in the situation where an outside consultant convinces the owner of something you’ve been saying for years. Sometimes it takes hearing it from someone from the outside to convince them, we make sure that you get the credit for the idea, not us!
  5. We want to make you look good – When we partner with existing IT resources, our job is to make you look even better! Take a look through our testimonials, many of them are from happy IT folks. We’re there to support you, not take your job.
  6. You’re tired of working long days and weekends – We know that a lot of IT work needs to be done off-hours. When you partner with Trailhead, part of our role is to handle interruptive work off-hours. You’ve already worked a long day, enjoy your time off and let us handle the off-hours work.
  7. You’ve got a great idea, and need someone to brainstorm with - We understand IT and we’ll be familiar with your organization. Many of our clients like to bounce ideas off us for a second opinion. That’s what we’re here for, and we won’t nickel and dime you for conversations like that.
  8. Learn with us – We offer free webinars, lunch and learns, seminars, and other events where we present a variety of topics. We offer this to everyone, it’s a great way to keep your end users up to date.
  9. All your service needs - We can include network monitoring, backups, business continuity, software/hardware upgrades, security tools, help desk, cloud services, Office 365, licensing, IT documentation, ticketing systems, training and more. But we give you administrative access to all of these tools. It’s still your network, after all.
  10. We are the good guys - We aren’t pushy or high pressure (we hate that as much as you do) and we won’t lock you in to a long-term contract. We’re happy to take you out to lunch just to chat and see how things are going.