“Trailhead Responds Quickly And Gets Right To The Root Of The Problem.”

We lack the expertise in-house to manage our IT needs and Trailhead has been able to fill that need. Having your network or desktops go down during the day can grind your business to a halt. The Trailhead team responds quickly and gets right to the root of the problem to get you back up and running. The cost of the service is insignificant compared to the productivity loss of having your network go down, desktops ceasing to work, or remote laptops failing to connect to our systems. Moving services to the cloud and setting up a cyber security plan have also been very beneficial.

I appreciate the personal service we get from the owners of the firm who have been in IT for decades. I know that I will have consistent access to the owner and not have to deal with ever changing IT staff having to train on our systems or lacking the skills to get the job done. Steven has been in the IT trenches for decades and isn’t just interested in making a monthly sales quota like other sales teams I’ve dealt with.

Michael, Grand Rapids, MI

“They Really Understand Our Business Needs And How Our Business Works.”

We’ve been working with Trailhead for nearly 20 years now. We appreciate their timeliness in addressing our problems, which generally are immediate. They really understand our needs and how our business works. If you’re thinking about working with them, just give them a trial period to test things out. You won’t be disappointed.

Glenn, Belmont, MI

“Trailhead Consistently Delivers Great Service And Support.”

Trailhead’s Managed IT Services provide a seamless support system to our network and hardware demands. we benefit from efficiencies gained through the “global” view that this plan offers.

The great benefit delivered by Trailhead is their accessibility and working style, which fits directly into our operating environment. Trailhead serves as an integral member of our strategic team.

Steven and Kim Lauber have earned the trust of our leadership team by consistently delivering great service and support in a timely and conscientious manner. Their flexibility and willingness to “roll up their sleeves” fits the culture here ideally. We highly recommend partnering with them for your IT needs.

Jeff, Grand Rapids, MI

“What We Like Best Is The Personalized Customer Service We Receive While Working With Them.”

We have had some critical situations with our IT and Trailhead’s response time has been great getting things rolling. They have always come through during a crunch time and we greatly appreciate it! Trailhead always works to fix issues in a timely manner.

What we like best is the personalized customer service we receive while working with them, and we really enjoy the communication that comes from using their email support option. We know everyone by name and they know us. That’s a good feeling to have when you have an issue that needs attention.

Jane, Grand Rapids, MI

“Trailhead Consistently Provides Peace of Mind.”

We have worked with Trailhead for many years. I whole heartedly recommend them as an IT Managed Service Provider partner. We have worked with them through all types of IT issues over the years. They have loads of experience with high-level strategy in: networking, security, disaster recovery, server hardware and software infrastructure, software licensing compliance, etc. The list is nearly endless.

They are also helpful in being proactive predicting needs before issues become immediate needs. One of the biggest benefits of working with Trailhead is that our IT budgeting as become much more streamlined with their flat rate monthly pricing. Their customer service is excellent; they are professional and respond almost immediately.

When IT issues arise and are reported to Trailhead, they take complete ownership of it and work to resolution – no questions asked. I can trust that it has been taken care of, and they work to prevent it from occurring in the future if possible. I can always speak to someone on the phone which is great! They don’t force us to enter tickets into some web portal with no human interaction. Trailhead is always available via email and phone and is very professional and polite to deal with – always. They consistently provide peace of mind.

Trevor, Grand Rapids, MI

“They Don’t Require Long Term Contracts.”

We are a small defense contractor and Trailhead has been a great partner that has helped us with the cyber security compliance our Prime requires of us. They took the time to investigate the necessary regulations we need to comply with and helped us put together a plan for NIST 800-171 compliance within our budget and timeframe. We have been very happy with their services! They’re easy to work with from the start because they don’t require any long term contracts which means very little risk on the front end.

Blair, Grand Rapids, MI

“I Have Peace Of Mind Knowing They’re On Our Team.

We’ve been with Trailhead since 2008, so we’ve known them for over 10 years. I appreciate their excellent customer service as questions are answered in a very short period of time. I can get near instant responses whenever a problem arises, and that makes all the difference. I have peace of mind knowing they’re on our team.

Scott, Grand Rapids, MI