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Massive Breach Affects 21 Million Users Of Timehop App

Do you use Timehop?  If you're not sure what that is, it's a popular, clever little app that reminds social media users about posts they've made in the past. It can ...

Malware Created Using Stolen Legitimate Security Certificate From D-Link

Researchers from the digital security firm ESET have recently spotted a new malware campaign with a nasty twist.  It was created using a legitimate security certificate stolen from D-Link. The malware ...

iOS Adds New Restricted Mode In Latest Update 

Apple recently released an updated version of iOS, 11.4.1.  They did so quietly, and without much fanfare, but the update includes one very powerful and exciting security update that's deserving of ...

Adobe Releases Massive Update To Patch Its Products

There's a lot to like about the contents of Adobe's most recent "Patch Tuesday" update. It's well worth downloading and installing, even if you normally take a pass on all but ...

Facebook Messenger Getting Feature To Help With Fake Accounts

It's no secret that there are legions of scammers and spammers haunting the virtual halls of Facebook.  As the world's largest and most influential social networking site, it's a natural target, ...

Open Database Exposes Info Of 340 Million People

Internet security researcher Vinny Trola recently made a huge and disturbing discovery.  A marketing firm called Exactis had left a massive database unsecured, allowing anyone who stumbled across it to access ...

Americans Want Local Governments To Spend More On Cyber Security

While a significant percentage of Americans are suspicious of government spending beyond the essentials, there's at least one notable exception, according to a recent survey conducted by SecurityFirst. A majority (74 ...

Apps In Gmail Have Full Access To Read Your Emails

File this one away under "watch your permissions."  It's recently come to light that an unknown number of third party apps have access to read emails sitting in your Gmail account. ...

Shopped At Adidas Website? Your Info May Have Been Compromised

Another week, another high-profile data breach.  This time, Adidas and their online store was the target. The company became aware of the incident on June 26th, and immediately began notifying "certain ...

Bug In Facebook May Have Unblocked People You Blocked

Facebook recently announced a site bug that impacted the privacy settings of more than 800,000 of its users.  If you're one of the unfortunate souls who has been affected, then people ...

What Our Clients Say...

We’ve learned over the years that it makes good business sense to replace PCs and servers regularly. Trailhead helps us keep track of our inventory, and lets us know when it’s time to replace older equipment. Newer equipment that’s under warranty doesn’t need near the support and maintenance that older equipment does. Not only do our employees enjoy using fast, new PCs, but they are less likely to experience downtime because of support issues with older equipment. The reports that Trailhead provides helps us keep track of everything, and they monitor our equipment to make sure it’s all performing optimally. Also, we consult with Trailhead for recommendations on other equipment from phone systems to network scanning. This enables us to make informed decisions for seamless implementation. And of course, if anything does go wrong, we count on the trusted service Trailhead provides.

Glenn Morris & Associates
Trailhead Networks
5 / 5 stars

Our server was old and needed replacing, but we knew it would cost thousands of dollars to replace it. Trailhead talked to us about Office 365, and how it was a good fit for our organization. We’re a non-profit, and they helped us qualify for free non-profit licensing from Microsoft, and then migrated our data from the old server to Office 365.

Now, we don’t have a server anymore, and we won’t have expensive equipment to buy and maintain going forward. That’s important to us, as we’re excited to be expanding and moving our studio to a much larger location at 2715 29th ST SE. Our growth has been tremendous over the last 5 years, and Trailhead has worked with us every step of the way.

HIS Dance
Trailhead Networks
5 / 5 stars

We went through a very complex move during the summer of 2015. This move included shutdown, removal, and reinstallation of over 15 physical servers and 30 individual workstations as well as server and network room design and build-out.

Trailhead assisted us during the planning process by helping design the network architecture of the new space as well as strategically planning the shutdown and movement of server hardware to minimize downtime. During the move itself, Trailhead was right there helping us physically move and reinstall our servers, network, and workstations. At the end of the day we were back up and running 100%, in less than 24 hours. I cannot recommend Trailhead enough after how smoothly this process went.

IT Director
Axios Incorporated
Trailhead Networks
5 / 5 stars

We’ve been working with Trailhead Networks since 2006. Being a small company, we have found their support to not only be professional and friendly, but to be a great peace of mind. It is reassuring to know that we can rely on Trailhead Networks for all of our IT needs, everything from daily support, server monitoring and maintenance, and our off site data backups. They know the importance of keeping our system running and up to date. I have really enjoyed their partnership with us over the last several years.

Graphic Arts Service & Supply, Inc.
Trailhead Networks
5 / 5 stars